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Adult ADHD Service
Online and Face to Face Appointments

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As a clinical psychologist with extra qualifications and specialist experience in working with ADHD, I am able to offer both diagnostic assessments and coaching for ADHD (see more about coaching here).  However, whether or not this particular service is right for you will depend on what you want to get out of an assessment and I think it s important that you are able to make an informed decision about what kind of assessment service you access. 

My professional background as a psychologist means that I can offer a thorough psychological understanding of issues alongside assessment of mental health and ADHD.  This includes thinking about the psychological impact that experiences and symptoms may have had, recommendations around this and making sense of your strengths as well as areas you struggle with.  If this is something you would like as part of your assessment then accessing a qualified psychologist is recommended.  Other people may wish to go down the route of seeing a Psychiatrist, which is a medically trained doctor that specialises in assessing and treating mental health.  A psychiatrist can prescribe medication if required, whereas I would not prescribe medication but could recommend someone to you following a diagnosis.


Disclaimer: Undergoing an assessment for ADHD does not automatically guarantee that you will reach criteria to confirm a diagnosis.  Part of the assessment is ensuring that the issues you are struggling with do not solely a result of a mental health condition.  This is because some of the symptoms of ADHD can be linked to other conditions, but equally, it is common to have both ADHD and be struggling with other issues just because of the very nature of ADHD.


Not sure if you need an assessment?

Well firstly... why are you considering ADHD or thinking about an assessment?  If you are asking the question then there is likely to be a reason (or reasons!) for this.

Maybe you have heard a bit about it and felt like it resonates with some of your experiences? Or perhaps someone has suggested it to you and you are thinking "is this relevant to me?"  

It's important to think about why you would consider an assessment; how much impact do the symptoms you identify with have on your day to day life? Are you struggling with other issues such as anxiety or depression and thinking "is  something more going on?"

There is a screening questionnaire that you can use to help get an idea of whether a more in-depth assessment would be helpful.  You can access it HERE at the ADHD UK website or it is freely available on the internet if you search Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale (ASRS V1.1)

Here are some of the signs and symptoms associated with ADHD in adults:

  • Difficulty sustaining attention and becoming bored easily (unless it is something you are really interested in)

  • Difficulty concentrating on conversations, dreamy or preoccupied

  • Failing to finish chores

  • Difficulties organising tasks or activities

  • Needing structure to keep on track but struggle to implement the structure or plan

  • Difficulty relaxing

  • Perfectionism or negative self image due to feeling a sense of failure.

  • Making careless mistakes or having to work slow to avoid making mistakes

  • Feeling restless a lot of the time

On their own, these challenges don't necessarily indicate presence of ADHD, and even when there is a cluster of these being experienced, they are required to be having a significant impact across several areas of life and to have been present in some form during childhood.  This is why it is important to have a thorough assessment that takes into account other conditions that may cause these symptoms.

ADHD Assessment

What does the assessment look like and how much does it cost?

The time taken to complete a thorough ADHD assessment can vary depending on individual circumstances.  However, the assessments consist of the following:

  • A thorough assessment of your mental health history and a psychological understanding of how your symptoms impact on you as well as your strengths.

  • Sometimes the above assessment includes various other questionnaires.

  • A structured interview based on the ADHD criteria.  This includes a detailed look at symptoms in childhood and adulthood and understanding the areas of your life that these symptoms impact

  • Where possible a conversation with someone who knew you well as a child (preferably someone older than you), someone who knows you well now and/or review of school reports

  • The assessment can take place online or face to face

  • You will receive a comprehensive written report, which can also be sent to your GP.  If the assessment does not indicate a diagnosis of ADHD, this report will still be a valid and useful psychological assessment that can be used to guide further treatments if necessary


As the assessment can take a varied amount of time, depending on the complexity and circumstances, I charge by the hour rather than a set fee.  My hourly rate for an ADHD assessment is £140 per hour and the usual time taken is around 7-8 hours

What happens after the assessment?

Regardless of whether you receive an ADHD diagnosis or not, you will have a report summarising the assessment, including our understanding of the difficulties and symptoms that you have identified and sought the assessment for.  You can then use this report to discuss your diagnosis/difficulties with other professionals or agencies as appropriate.

It is worth keeping in mind that some NHS Trusts do not accept ADHD diagnostic assessments from the private sector and may insist on doing their own assessment.  You are entitled to request a referral to a specialist NHS service via your GP, but there are some lengthy waiting times.

As a clinical psychologist with specialist qualifications and experience in ADHD, I will work with you to make sense of the psychological aspects of ADHD and how they impact your life and relationships.  I do not prescribe medication.  There are medications for ADHD that are helpful in managing symptoms and these would initially be prescribed by a Psychiatrist.  I can recommend professionals working in this area if medication is something you wanted to explore.

Should you wish to consider coaching sessions for issues associated with ADHD, this is something I can offer, with the focus on us working on areas that the ADHD impacts your life including relationships, self confidence as well as the practical side of managing symptoms.  See here for more Information on coaching.

Desert Highway

Make Your Journey About You

ADHD Coaching

ADHD Coaching...

ADHD can be a complex thing to live with! We are individuals, not all sharing the same situations or experiences and so I tailor coaching to meet peoples needs.  Also, I don't take my therapist hat off just because I'm coaching, so if we identify deeper blocks then there is an option to look think about how we spend the sessions and what will benefit you the most.

ADHD Coaching might focus on any of the following:

  • Poor self confidence or self image

  • Difficulties regulating emotions and reactions

  • Having ALL the good intentions, but struggling to follow through

  • Difficulties in relationships, including the impact that symptoms can have on couples

  • Problems with procrastination

  • Organisation, support at work and home

  • Imposter syndrome/feeling not good enough/lack of self belief

  • Difficulties keeping track of time which results in poor time management and making time work for you

  • Understanding and coping with symptoms

Fees for ADHD Coaching sessions are £120 per session (55 minutes per session)

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